Iron Man Helmet Remote & Voice Control Electric Iron Man Helmet

Product Description

Battery box and wearing instructions:

  • Power switch
  • Voice receiver
  • The battery box is hidden on the back of the black pad on the back cover. Please remove the back cover before wearing As shown in the figure. Remove the back cover before wearing the helmet. Wear a head circumference of 60cm and bring your own helmet battery. Install the rear cover after wearing it.
  • Four No. 5 (AAA) batteries
  • Remote control battery: a No. 7 battery

Introduction to remote control operation function:

Install the No. 5 battery and turn on the helmet power switch

Manual control:

  • Power indicator:
    – Touch the sensing area of the right ear: control the opening / closing of the mask
    power switch
    – Touch the left ear sensing area: control the integral opening / closing of the mask
    A control mask integral opening / closing O B controls the opening / closing of the mask multi piece
  • Voice control: Chinese / English command

C limit lamp switching color.

Before operating the command, Jarvis / Jarvis “wake up the system” needs to be executed

D eye light on / off Only then can the subsequent command operation be carried out. The effective time of waking up the system is 5 seconds

Voice operation commands can be input successively.

E helmet sound on / off.Command: “start system / start system”

Fault analysis:

  • Instruction: “open the helmet / open the mask”
  1. Failed to match the password. Try to match the password again after charging the remote control.
    Helmet: “multi piece open helmet”
    The eye light flashes continuously and slowly, resulting in slow action, blurred sound effect and low power
    Replace the battery with a new one,  in case of operation failure and abnormal conditions, restart the system.
  2. Command: “close the mask””
    Wear helmet, automatically detect failure and restart the system.
    Helmet:. Multi piece closure helmet
    Safe operation warning
  3. Command: “start combat mode”

Precautions for startup:

  • Before starting the helmet every time (or when restarting the system power supply)
    Helmet: “the eye light turns red
    It is necessary to ensure that the mask is closed smoothly before starting the machine, such as the existing part of the mask
    If it is fully open, all parts need to be closed manually and gently to ensure that the surface is not stable
    – Command: “Disarm mode / close combat mode”
    Turn it off and then turn it on. If the product is not used for a long time, please remove the dry battery.
    Head Thief: “the eye light turns white”
    It is strictly prohibited to open the mask by manual external force, and it is strictly prohibited to open and close the mask by head theft
    – Command: “shut down system”
    If external forces hinder movement, it will cause irreversible damage to the helmet.
    Helmet: “enjoy your self, sir.”
    non professionals are not allowed to disassemble the product by themselves.

Package: 1* Electric Iron Man Helmet