Electronic Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner Facial Pore Cleaner Extractor SP

Product Description

❖Professional Blackhead Remover Electric Vacuum Suction Blackhead Extractor

The latest generation blackhead extractor has more powerful suction and deeper clean your skin. Specially treat stubborn blackhead and whitehead, remove dead skin, oil , smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin. Improve acne skin, oily skin, coarse pore, rough skin, and dirt nose !Meanwhile, High-end package is very wise choice for sending your family and friends as a gift.

❣How to use the blackhead remover:
√STEP 1: Before using, use a hot steamer to open up your facial pores.
√STEP 2: Start with the lowest FIRST, and then choose among the Five-Level Suction according to your own skin.
√STEP 3: Turn on the machine and move the device slowly. Move the device from place to place in one direction. Do not stay in one spot for too long in case of skin bruise.
√STEP 4: After skin care, please use cold water or cool towels with some skin toning to minimize your
√STEP 5: Please don’t use scrub cream or exfoliator before or after your skin care.

1. Do not use it over 5 minutes a time to prevent from skin damage.
2. Do not stay on one place too long to prevent from purple and red skin..
3. Do not use it if your skin is broken and damaged.
4. Dry skin use it once a week, oily and mixed skin use it twice a week..
5. Do not wash the blackhead remover body, it is not waterproof..
6.It is normal that your skin will be a little red after using, the red will disappear in 5~10 minutes.

☟What’s Included:

1 x Suction Beauty Device

1 x Charge Cable

1 x Operation Manual
1 x Oval Probe
1 x Small Size Circular Probe
1 x Big Size Circular Probe