5 In 1 Electric Sound Ultrasonic Dental Scaler Tooth Stain Remover SP

Product Description


【Superior Material】Food-grade ABS, safe and scientific for comprehensive and thorough dental cleaning, suitable for all crowd.
【High-Frequency Vibration】12000 rpm high-frequent sonic vibration along with professional cleaning head effectively helps eliminate the dental calculus, plaque and stains, achieving the thorough cleaning of teeth.
【3 Modes】First mode: turn on the LED light; Second mode: turn on the [Vibration] mode with light on; Third mode: the light off, vibration works alone. Modes switch and power on/off are controlled by one button.
【Users Friendly Design】LED auxiliary lamp to end the dead areas, anti-scald hand shank and cordless design together ensure more efficient using experience.
【Multiple Functions】You can whiten and brighten teeth, clean teeth, massage gum, remove teeth stains and clean and massage tongue with this one kit.

5 Replaceable Tips:

1) Massage tip
Massage gum, improve gum condition and helping sensitive teeth.
2) Teeth cleaning tip
Remove dental calculus, teeth stain and smoke stain.
3) Polish tip
Polish and whiten teeth.
4) Calculus tip
Remove stubborn dental calculus for thorough cleaning.
5) Tongue fur tip
Massage and cleaning tongue.

Using Instruction:

1)Install the working tip needed.
2)Turn on the device and select the mode needed.
3)Clean teeth with it.


1) The mental head can be replaced, and suitable cleaning heads are selected according to different needs.
2) Do not place products in direct sunlight. Put at -10℃ to 40℃ indoor environment
3) Do not wash or soak the product for a long time.
4) Products are restricted to adults only. Please keep them properly, avoid children’s contact.
5) The product contains batteries. Do not place products in a fire or high-temperature container to avoid fire or explosion.
6) In case of product quality problem, please do not disassemble yourself. Please return to the original plant for repair.


Material: ABS, PP, TPE, stainless steel
Power supply: 1 x AAA battery (battery not included)
Mode: 3
Vibration frequency: 12000rpm
Color: white, black

Package Included:

1 x main device
1 x base
1 x massage tip
1 x teeth cleaning tip
1 x polisher tip
1 x dental calculus tip